Trump halts US funding of WHO.

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President Donald Trump has cut off the United States funding to the World Health Organization. The suspension of sponsorship by the US government will hold as Trump administration study the agencies response and managed on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The US President has blamed the UN agency of lying and covering up the extent of the virus spread in China. Mr Trump has called the agency response “disastrous “.

The main point of contention between Trump administration and WHO is the agency’s alleged failure to vet information from china before releasing it to the media. The US is also claiming that the organization failure to disseminate information in time caused countries a lot of damage.

However, President Trump is also facing criticism for ignoring the US intelligence community warnings on the pandemic, failing to take the virus seriously and initiating half measures to contain it once it struck the heart of the US financial machine, New York.

The US funds 15 per cent of WHO budget, withdrawing the funding will see the agency struggle financially at a time when the world is under attack by a novel virus.

President Trump decision has been condemned by world leaders as careless and dangerous to the course of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

John Otieno

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