The sinking of the Titanic.

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On April 15th 1912, the Titanic with 2,223 people on board sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. The passenger liner was on her maiden voyage from the UK to the US. A total of 1,517 people died as a result of the disaster.

Built to project power and comfort, the Titanic pool of passengers included some of the wealthiest men and women from Great Britain and a pocket of immigrants on the way to the United States to have taste of the land of the free and brave.

The ship had every imaginable object of comfort in 1912, from an indoor gymnasium, top of the range restaurants and cabins rivaling paradise. To ensure that those on board could still run their affairs on land, the ship had a high speed telegram to facilitate communication from the sea to land.

Like all other creations by man, the Titanic was not perfect especially in its disaster preparedness. Despite having high end security measures such as watertight compartments and remote controlled watertight doors, the ship lacked enough lifeboats to accommodate all those on board, carrying only 1,178 life boats against the ship 2,223 total passengers.

When the ship hit the iceberg and it became apparent that it was sinking, a few crew member were evacuated in the scarce lifeboats. Due to the “women and children first ” policy 90% of men in the ship died. As the ship sank, over 1000 people were still stuck inside it, most of them died within minutes due to the cold Atlantic waters. Only 710 people survived the accident.

The building of the ship cost in 1912 was $7.5 million, equivalent to $463 million in today’s money.

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