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President Omar Al Bashir To Face ICC

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Al Bashir was ousted from government in April 2019

Omar al Bashir
Omar al Bashir in jail. [Courtesy]

The Sudan government will hand over former president Omar al Bashir over to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The decision was reached during peace talks between the government and rebel groups from the Darfur.

Al Bashir is accused of fuelling war crimes and 2003 genocide that saw at least 300,000 people lose their lives. 2.5 million others are said to have been displaced.

“We agreed that everyone who had arrest warrants issued against them will appear before the ICC. I’m saying it very clearly,” government spokesman Mohammed Hassan Eltaish told BBC.

Hague prosecutors want the former head of state to be tried over the Darfur killings.

The former president who ruled Sudan for at least 30 years was forced to vacate office in April 2019.

He has since been charged with killing protesters during the period which he was ousted from office.

He has also been sentenced to two years behind bars for graft but Sudanese law bars people above the age 0f 70 from serving a jail term.

Al Bashir is 76 years old.

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