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Papa Dennis’ twin brother narrates his last moment with the late singer

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The death of award-winning gospel musician Papa Dennis is one which took the country by surprise.

The youthful artist who hailed from a humble background had experienced tremendous success in the music industry, his mysterious death therefore left many with questions of what had exactly transpired before the alleged suicide.

Papa Dennis’ twin brother Simon Mwangi in an interview with K24 opened up on the last sequence of events before the body of the late musician was discovered by the roadside in Pangani area, Nairobi.

According to the brother, they spent the evening together before Papa Dennis disappeared.

“I spent time with his friends, and later decided to look for my brother. I went to the recording booth, he wasn’t there. I accessed the kitchen, he wasn’t there. I went to the washroom, I did not find him there, After failing to find him in all the rooms of the studio, I thought he had gone to the shop to get something. His producer and I waited for him for hours, but he did not return,” he stated.

The brother claimed they were later on informed by the caretaker of the building in which they were in that someone had jumped from a top floor.

Upon confirmation, it was established that Papa Dennis was the person who had allegedly thrown himself off the storey building.

The body of the musician is being preserved at City Mortuary.

Brian Sikulu

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