Miracles as JOHO Rescues Kanga Boy From abject Poverty, Pays 4 Years School Fee!

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Early this week on a chilly monday morning 13th of January Kenyans were privileged to come face to face with abject Poverty in its raw form when Levis Otieno Rabah, a top scorer in the just concluded 2019 KCPE exams reported to Kanga High school in Rongo constituency Migori County for form one admission with metallic box and two bars of soap. Levis scored 391 in his KCPE from Pala Kojwang Primary School in Karachuonyo.


From videos shared on social media, he did not even have the required school uniform but still proceeded to to quench his thirst for education in what was seen as a try of luck either way. Immediately after the video, his story spread like a bushfire on the internet and what came his way was nothing short of a miracle.


On Tuesday morning after Felix Odiuor alias Jalang’oo aired his painful story, Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho felt so much touched with the story of this young ambitious fellow and promised to pay his four year school fee at Kanga High school and also to ensure that the family is living a comfortable life void of discrimination.

Speaking to Milele FM on phone, Governor Joho narrated a short story on how he is likewise a victim of poverty and that he was not willing to let go of any chance that God avails to him to lift other people.

” Some of us struggled our ways through education and I am one of those who had to work in pain to pay school fees. When God avails for me an opportunity to help another, I will happily do so. So that the others God should open for them ways not to go through what we went through. “

Governor Joho added that “The greatest challenge our young people face in school, those from humble background is seeing themselves to be vulnerable. So lets try much that we can for them to see themselves as equal to other students when they go to school.”

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