Joe Biden stands a better chance against Trump than Hillary Clinton did.

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Obama took his sweet time to finally endorse Joe Biden.

Some may translate this to mean Obama lack of faith in Biden but that’s not the case.

Obama is a staunch democrat and knew that any premature endorsement of either of the candidates would cause tension and fracture on the party, this would happen because Obama still has a large following among democrats, he’s currently the party leader outside the DNC structure, so the position he holds dictated that he take his time.

Now expect Bill Clinton and Hillary to follow suit in endorsing uncle Joe.

Now for those already wishing Biden away and claiming Trump victory I have news for you.

In this 2020 election, The dynamics have changed and so is the candidate that Trump faces. Biden has no skeletons in his closet like Hillary did, he has no Benghazi or Emails on him. It is due to his clean past that Trump tried to dig up dirt on him by forcing Ukraine to carry out investigation on his son, an endeavor that almost got him impeached.

We must also remember that Hillary lost the election partly because of the FBI decision to launch investigation on her emails, a move that had voters change their minds last minute costing her votes in key states, Trump has no such benefit this time, congress passed a law forbidding the FBI from launching investigations on leading candidates late into the game, the Senate readily agreed because of Trump shady tax records.

The second reason why Hillary lost the election in 2016 was because of how she attacked Obama during the Democratic primaries back in 2008, the racial slurs were never forgotten by the African Americans and the other minorities, it became difficult to convince them to turn out for Hillary, Obama tried to even order them but majority failed to vote but Biden is a darling to the African Americans and other minorities, blacks feels closer to him due to his loyalty to Obama, they turned out for him in large numbers in South Carolina and they are going to go all out for him in November.

The third reason for Hillary loss was her indifference to Bernie Sanders, in fact sanders took long to endorse her. Sanders is a socialist democrat and has been advocating for free education, health insurance for all and forgiving student debts. This policies makes him popular among college students and the working class. His endorsement of Biden and Biden’s decision to include his policies in his policies will give him a boost that Hillary never had.

As a matter of fact, majority of democrat registerd college students failed to vote in 2016 as a protest against Hillary Clinton and the DNC treatment of Bernie Sanders.

The fourth factor to consider is the moderates in America, those who fear hardcore socialism and therefore feared Sanders and Warren and those who fears going too far right to the point of blocking immigrants from coming to America, threatening war with countries and declaring overt economic war with China. This group of moderates are going to be comfortable with Biden than with Trump who has proven to be too far right and unstable. It’s due to the moderates that the DNC favored Biden or Buttigieg.

Finally, this is another American election being held in the middle of a crisis. It mirrors the 1984 election where Reagan comfortably beat Carter due to his handling of Iran hostage situation. Obama easily beat McCain due to the war in Afghanistan and how Bush mishandled it, it became a mark on the republicans.

Trump is facing off with Biden in the middle of a coronavirus crisis, a crisis he has grossly mismanaged and continues to mismanage. If the crisis goes up to November Trump will fight himself in a defensive posture, a very precarious position for an incumbent, it’s that fear that he’s calling for the opening up of America against expert advice, he knows that the more normalcy is resumed the higher his chances at the polls.

In conclusion, Biden has a perfect opportunity to pick a vice president candidate that ride the waves, he needs a candidate with a large following and capable of taking over in 2024, his advanced age may not allow him a second term should he win. If he chooses Elizabeth Warren he shall have the socialists in the bag and with it the entire Bernie Sanders empire.

He stands a better chance against Trump than Hillary Clinton did.

John Otieno

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