Heads rolling at EastMatt due to public outcry

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The Shameful viral video of an EastMatt Kitengela branch supervisor assaulting a cashier has now led to termination of his employment contract after public outcry.

In the video, the male supervisor was in a confrontation with the cashier, prompting him to slap her severally and dragging her from her seat while brutally beating her up.

According to social and human rights activists, the video was a representation of what female colleagues go through at their places of work, with very few stipulated laws to protect them.

As the pressure mounted, the supermarket has issued a notice stating that the captured behavior was prohibited at the work premises, adding that the Supervisor had been suspended following the incident.

The statement states that the matter was being handled accordingly with the management as well as the authorities that had been indulged.

Additionally, the brutally abused cashier is getting adequate medical attention with the supermarket management working to create a conducive environment to protect its staff against such circumstances.

However, Kenyans on social media are up in arms to ensure the supervisor is completely expelled and even reprimanded stating that if he goes unpunished, a culture will be created and tolerated that supports violence against women.

Kevin Spahlet

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