Global alarm as China wet markets reopen.

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The world health organization has sounded alarm after Wuhan “wet markets” where the novel coronavirus originated begun opening for business.

WHO special envoy for Covid-19 and special representative of the United Nations secretary general for food,security and nutrition, Dr David Nabaro said the world health organization expected countries to take viruses from animals seriously.

Dr David said that WHO in ability to order governments around the world hampered the agencies attempts to have the wet markets closed.

Speaking to BBC he said ” the WHO and other parts of international organizations have no capacity to police the world, instead they offer advice and guidance. “

According to the WHO, 75% of new infections originate from animals hence the need to constantly remind governments to be vigilant on wet markets and other places where humans live close to animals.

Fearing another pandemic, over 200 conservation groups signed a letter urging the WHO to force governments to shut down wet markets around the world especially in China, South Korea and other South East Asia countries.

After experiencing Covid -19 first hand, countries following WHO advices. China banned the consumption of wild animals and shut down over 20,000 farms where such animals were bred in a bid to cut down the risk of contacting new viruses.

John Otieno

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