Donald Trump, a despot caged in a Democratic Environment.

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in a classic African demagogue style, President Trump has ordered the Treasury Department to ensure that his name appear on all the over a million $1000 checks set to be distributed to the vulnerable American citizens as part of $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package passed by congress to cushion American economy from the horrors of the raging Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts have called the move illegal and misuse of federal resources. Politicians have also warned that Trump may be breaking elections laws by using federal resources to advance his political agenda by making it look like the checks are his personal donation to the American people in the middle of an electioneering period.

During the 2009/2009 economic crisis, President Bush administration issued over 800,000 checks to vulnerable americans but the president name was not put on the checks.

The president of IRS managers accused President Trump of abusing federal resources and risking delays for the distribution of checks set to be mailed to Americans in the coming weeks.

The IRS has resisted attempt to have his name on the economic impact checks, the agency has said that such moves would politicize the agency and tarnish it’s neutral image.

President Trump has also perfected the art of shifting blames to other people and agencies whenever his administration blunders.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced his administration decision to halt funding the World Health Organization for allegedly mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic starving the agency of over $400 million urgently needed to help in the fight against Covid -19.

While apotioning blame to others people President Trump fails to accept his share of blame for mismanaging the pandemic. He played down the threat of the virus calling it a flu that would disappear like a miracle in summer, the president also failed to issue lock down order even after it became apparent that the virus epicenter had shifted to the United States.

As he blames China of covering up key information on the virus, Trump fails to accept the fact that his administration fired the captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt for speaking out on the worrying rate of infection inside the United States Navy aircraft carrier.

President Obama left office leaving a standby pandemic response team following the lessons learnt sheikh the 2009 swine flu pandemic, the team was created to give the US a head start in case of another pandemic. When President Trump assumed office, he fired the team claiming that the Obama administration wasted money on such like teams.

When the virus came knocking, Trump was quick to blame President Obama for not having a pandemic response plan despite the fact that he actually fired the people who were supposed to initiate such a plan.

In President Trump playbook, he blames everything on everyone except him and his gullible supporters have no brain to think for themselves or the energy to call him out for his obvious irresponsibility.

John Otieno

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