Defy curfew and go to jail, government warns.

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The government of kenya understands non compliance to rules nature by few Kenyans, who upon seeing the government disobey courts orders, have also taken to the habit of taking for granted every government issued directive.

In light of this realization and the calamity it may visit upon the country in regards to to the prevailing Covid -19 pandemic, the government has come up with laws aimed at keeping Kenyans at home and fines to discourage them from breaking the rules.

To this end, any person who intentionally exposes other people to the virus by either refusing to self quarantine or escaping quarantine will face three years in prison or pay a fine of ksh 300,000.

The government has also given those who get infected by reckless action of others the go ahead to seek damages.

Public transport vehicles risk being fined upto ksh 40,000 for carrying passengers without being disinfected while landlords who fail to disinfect their premises will be fined ksh 80,000, the same will apply to hotels not disinfected.

Any person caught defying curfew and any other government issued public order will be fined ksh 15,000 or face a year in jail. The law also gives the government right to access any premise for inspection.

John Otieno

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