Curfew: The services you will still access normally.

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Lists of critical and essential services expected to remain unaffected by the curfew set to be infect for 15 days beginning 27th March 2020.

1. Medical professionals and health workers.
2. National security, administration and co-ordination officers.
3. County government public health and sanitation officers.
4. Licensed pharmacies and drug stores
5. Licensed broadcasters and media houses
6. Kenya Power and Lightening company
7. Food dealers, distributors, wholesalers and Transporters of farm produce
8. Licensed supermarkets, mini markets and hypermarkets
9. Licensed distributors and retailers of petroleum and Oil products
10. Licensed telecommunications operators and service providers.
11. Licensed banks, Financial Institutions and payment financial services
12. Fire brigade and other Emergency response services.
13. Licensed security firms.

John Otieno

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