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CS Amina Mohammed Heckled At Koroga Festival :forced to cut short her speech.

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Jeers Leeds to Sports CS Amina Mohammed’s Short Speech At Koroga Festival

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CS Sports, Culture and Heritage Amina Mohammed found it rough addressing Koroga Festival revelers at Bomas of Kenya Sunday.

Boos and jeers rented the air as she was forced to cut short her speech.

CS Sports, Culture and Heritage Amina didn’t have a nice time addressing revellers at Koroga Festival, boos and jeers greeted her short speech

Nicknamed “minister of congratulations”, Amina has been in the bad books of sports lovers in the country over perceived mistreatment of sportsmen and women, while on national duty.

On countless occasions, sportsmen and women representing the country in international competitions have lamented lack of support from the ministry.

However, Amina has been accused of being quick to congratulate them when they succeed in flying the Kenyan flag high, while ignoring their plight.

But according to sources, a power tussle between the CS and the Principal Secretary in the ministry, Kirimi Kaberia, has led to the situation whereby requests for funding for sports get delayed or ignored.

Kirimi is the accounting officer and the one in charge of the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund, without whose approval, money cannot be disbursed to various sports entities.

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