Covid:Shenzhen becomes the first city to ban consumption of cats and dogs in China.

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Following scientific findings that Covid-19 causing virus could have come from bats. The city of Shenzhen in China has become the first city to heed scientist advice by banning the consumption of wild animals.

In an order titled “Shenzhen special economic zone regulatations on comprehensive ban on wild animals ” the city Municipal People’s Congress banned the consumption, breeding and sale of protected animals including snakes and lizards.

The law which is expected to be in force by 1st May 2020 covers National key protected wild animals that grow naturally and reproduce in the wild environment and all Terrestrial wild animals that are artificially bred and raised.

Further, the law prohibits the hunting of animals and their products for purposes such as scientific experiments, public display, pet breeding and medicine. Hunting will be restricted to animals not covered by this law but only for food.

The law also prohibits activities such as slaughtering poultry and livestock without permission, selling poultry and livestock slaughtered without permission and sale of live poultry or livestock for purpose of providing food.

Shenzhen citizens who break the law will be fined 150,000 yuan among other harsher punishments not articulated by the law.

John Otieno

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