Covid -19: The four horsemen, the men who cared for the economy more than lives.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is among the world leaders who refused to acknowledge the danger Covid-19 posed to the world, choosing to ridicule experts advice and basically run things based on his own instincts.

The British PM belonged to the select club of the likes of Donald Trump of USA and President Bolsonaro of Brazil who refused to lockdown their countries and continues to refuse to do so due to economic and political reasons.

In the US, Donald Trump has chosen to train his guns against the media, claiming that the numbers of Covid -19 cases reported are fabricated to tarnish his record.

President Trump has been in the forefront, advocating to early normalization of lives in the US by Easter, a move that has been criticized by both politicians and health experts who are worried that such a mistake would lead to massive infection numbers and deaths.

To these trio and many other extreme right wing leaders like the President of Belarus, the economy comes first before the health of the people. Their worry is not the thousands who would die if their governments fail to lockdown but the economic fall out a total lockdown would bring.

Despite their sturbboness and disregard to science, they are fast learning that the danger is real and spares no one. This realization hit home after Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a darling of this group of doubters and science haters, contacted the virus and was later taking to the ICU.

The UK Prime Minister spent a night in the intensive care at central London hospital after his condition worsened according to BBC. His duties have now been taken over temporarily by Mr Dominic Raab, Secretary of state. Mr Raab chaired the government meeting and would continue to do so until the future of Boris is ascertained.

The 55 year old Prime Minister is the first head of government to go down with the virus, he is also among other UK leaders who have had to go on self isolation after coming in contact with infected persons, the others high profile cases include cabinet officer Michael Gove, health secretary Mr Mat Hancock, Scottish Secretary Mr Alister Jack, government chief Medical officer Mr Chris Witty and Prime Minister Boris chief adviser Mr Dominic Cummings.

The BBC reported that the Prime Minister was still conscious but his condition had worsened on Monday afternoon and was moved to the intensive care unit.

While Boris struggles with a disease he worked so hard to ridicule and water down it’s threat, his American counterpart still refuses to listen to health experts advice and continues to confuse American people by countering sound scientific advice with his ignorant proclamation on drugs supposedly capable of curing the disease and refusing to wear mask.

The Brazilian president is even worse than the two gentlemen. He continues to encourage public gatherings by calling rallies in public places, distorting facts on the seriousness of the virus calling it a flu.

Like Trump, President Bolsonaro is fighting regional governors and refusing to acknowledge the peril the country faces. His rallying call is “we can’t stop” referring to the economy, choosing to leave the economy open at the expense of thousands losing their lives. His disinformation campaign has seen twitter delete his tweets in more than one occasion.

With more than 1400 deaths taking place in the US every 24 hours, one would expect Trump to embrace science and appreciate the threat facing the world’s most powerful nation, but like Ostrich, he has chosen to bury his head in the sand as an empire that has stood for over 200 years crumble under the weight of a pandemic.

One would argue that perhaps like Boris Johnson, these two housemen needs to catch the virus to appreciate the seriousness of the situation because 1.2 million global infection and over 50,000 deaths seems not to scare them out of their ignorance cocoon.

John Otieno

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