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Poor economic growth and a ballooning national debt has forced the Kenyan government to think outside the box before the country becomes the Greece of East Africa. The government, in an attempt to keep the country financially afloat and pay the huge foreign and public debts now intends to sell citizenship and residence permits to ultrawealthy foreigners.

If approved by parliament, Kenya will not be the first country to sell resident permits and citizenship. In the United States, over fifty thousand people are admitted as residents and citizens through the green card system. The system main objective is the diversification of the United States but also offers the United States new enterprising and highly motivated individuals ready to chase the American dream to its logical end, this new breed of citizens ensures that the United States economy does not suffer from lack of ideas thereby securing the United States position as the world’s largest economy.

In Thailand, one can get a resident permit for $60,000, the permit is renewed after every 20 years of residency. Lativa offers citizenship to interested individuals for $42,000 while in Turkey, one gets residency permit by either purchasing property worth $250,000, depositing $500,000 into a Turkish bank account or investing $500,000 in Turkish government bonds.

While sale of citizenship is a simple way of raising revenue for a cash strapped country, it comes with risks that if not properly planned in advance, may lead to chsos and cultural degradation. It is a common occurrence for pedophiles, foreign terrorists and stateless delinquents to take advantage of these kind of opportunities then spread their scourge in their adopted country.

John Otieno

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  • How much doe the Kenyan citizenship cost?

    • Parliament is yet to approve it, so the cost is not yet decided upon.

  • Okay

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