British spy agencies call for a rethink on UK-China relations.

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The United Kingdom intelligence agencies have called for a rethink on UK-China relations after the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is contained.

Both MI6 UK foreign intelligence agency and MI5 their domestic counterpart have raised concerns over China aggressiveness and competitive posture . The agencies now want the UK government to restrict Chinese takeovers of key high-tech companies in strategic areas such as artificial intelligence and digital communication. The spy agencies also want the government to restrict Chinese students access to research at UK universities.

The concerns by the security agencies follows similar sentiments expressed by conservative members of parliament who have called for a rollback on British government earlier decision to give China access to 35% of the UK 5G network through Huawei.

MI6 had earlier told UK ministers that China was grossly undee-reporting their coronavirus cases and deaths in the months of January and February, similar warning was issued to the US cabinet by the CIA.

A former China diplomat, Mr Charles Parton has supported the intelligence agencies stand on china saying that “a rethink of UK -China relations has been needed for a long time ” because china sees itself as in a long-term competition with the west.

John Otieno

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