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Breaking: Papa Dennis is dead

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Renown award-winning gospel musician Papa Dennis is dead.

According to Daddy Owen who was a close friend of the late, the body of the late was discovered on a roadside in Pangani, Nairobi.

He however did not reveal the cause of death or the circumstance under which the body was found.

“He was found dead on the roadside near the Jubilee Party headquarters,”  Daddy Owen stated as quoted by K24.

Reports have however emerged indicating that the Makekes hit maker may have either been involved in a road accident, or fell from a 7th floor of a storey building.

A section of celebrity have mourned Papa Dennis with some of them calling for investigation to be conducted in order to establish what exactly killed the musician.

“Manzee pages hii January zinakaa Obituaries. Rest In Peace Papa Dennis. Tutaonana Baadaye,” King Kaka stated on Twitter.

“Rest in peace, Papa Dennis. May God protect us, artists. Something must be addressed,”  Terrence creative noted on Instagram.

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