5G network, capabilities and myths.

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The development of 5G began long before 4G hit the markets. The Uniteds States National Space Agency(NASA) began the development of 5G in 2008 with the hope of creating a network capable of inspiring a new economy in space.

The fourth generation network has defined a new technological era characterized by high internet speed. Unlike 4G which never faced a lot of conspiracy theories, 5G has faced tremendous opposition as some view it as a solution in desperate search for a problem.

What is 5G and what can it do that 4G could not?

Compared to 3G and 4G, 5G signals are capable of covering small areas therefore several masts are needed a single large area. This need for many masts has derailed the roll out of the new technology.

In the US and other countries, the delivery of the 5G network has faced difficulty due the rarity of the kind of technological infrastructure required to make it useful. The question of whether Huawei should be allowed to provide and build the infrastructure has faced a lot of opposition from politicians and national security experts.

One of the most heralded quality of 5G network is it’s lower latency that will eliminate video call lagging. This aspect of the technology will allow ground breaking scientific endeavours such as remote surgery where doctors miles away will perform surgeries on patients in real time through robotic arms connected via 5G.

The first ever remote surgery was conducted in China in 2019. A doctor in Fujian province removed the liver of an animal miles away using robotic arms connected via 5G.

Other technological advancements associated with 5G include the existence of self driving cars, virtual reality world where people miles apart will physically interact with each in real time and invention of new supersonic weapons.

Does 5G have any effects on living organisms?

Conspiracy theorist have been concerned by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by phone towers long before coronavirus pandemic or 5G network existed.

Despite their unfounded fears, scientists around the world have carried out tests and research that have all proven that radiations from phone towers are harmless and non-ionising.

The World Health Organization’s Internal Electromagnetic Field Project has been carrying out research on the health effects of radiation from phone towers but have found none since 1996.

Despite there being no evidence of 5G making people ill, conspiracy theorist continue to clog social media sites such as facebook and twitter will apocalyptic videos and articles linking technology to one conspiracy or another. From global powers planning to created a single global government to the introduction of 666 and rapture, conspiracy theorists have thrown everything they’ve got on the technology.

Perhaps the best news the crackpots ever got was the emergence of coronavirus from Wuhan, China where most of 5G technology capabilities have been under testing.

John Otieno

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